Hi, I'm Alessandro Fiorentini

As a kid I loved video games like Intellivision and Commodore 64, and that passion brought me to a PC. After being certified Grafic Designer from the IED (European Institute of Design), I started working as a graphic designer for companies, I worked as an editor and editor for a local newspaper, and then I got MCSE, Cisco certifications, and I have worked for many well-known companies such as Simest, Albacom, Banque Bruxelles - Lambert, Mars Electronics, Firmenich, Tag Aviation, Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte. My passion for the digital world, and my love for freedom, led me to building websites and apps for individuals and businesses. Today I work with a team of highly skilled people, web designers, developers, testers and we are all committed today to creating your web presence and all the apps you need.
My main priority? To fully satisfy my customers!
Today anyone can build a website, there are many tools that can be used even by people with no programming experience. Also a logo can be easily created online, and many companies can work at low cost from Russia, Ukraine, India .... But what if they don't keep the deals? Direct contact with an experienced professional is the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises. Why choose 2Success.ch? Rate my portfolio and contact me. My plus? Creativity, Timing, Communication, Costs ... in other words the high quality you are looking for to carry out your projects.